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Primabuilder Company Important Events

Primabuilder is a modern one-stop service provider of building materials products. From a small company to a comprehensive supply chain enterprise of building materials products. Looking back on our past steps, learn more about Primabuilder... ..


Reform of company system in March 2019

Primabuilder carried out a deep reform of the company system, using modern enterprise management methods to management. The CEO has redesigned the company's management structure and personnel training mechanism. Production departments strictly control product line and product quality. The company also strengthened staff training on building materials product knowledge.

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2019 Las Vegas IBS Exhibition

Two years later, the building materials exhibition returned to Las Vegas. Prima Consturction as an IBS veteran member and also participated in the 2019 NAHB building materials exhibition. The Prima Construction booth at the Convention Center in Las Vegas is at C2939. Beside us is Nissan.

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Nov. 2019 U.S.A Visitor Tour

This time John went to the United States on behalf of the company to find the location of the exhibition showroom. Prima Construction has always want to set up its own exhibition hall in the United States to facilitate customers to understand Prima's building materials products. In order to serve customers better in customized building materials and building products, the establishment of American exhibition showroom is necessary.

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Sep. 2018, Settled in Jiaanda Building

Congratulations to Prima Construction Material Co., Ltd. on the 20th floor of Jiaanda Building. After a year of office site selection and renovation, Prima's Shenzhen headquarters officially occupied the 20th floor of Jiaanda Building. Near the predominant area of Dalang Business Center, Prima has more advantages and choices in talent introduction.

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New showroom -July 2018

A good showroom can give customers a comprehensive understanding of the quality of Prima construction materials company. Prima's new exhibition hall was formally established and put into use after planning and renovation in June. The area of the new one-stop building materials showroom has reached 10,000 sq.ft. Prima's latest and most fashionable building materials products are displayed in the showroom.

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New workshop of cabinet factory-May 2018

In order to expand the production capacity of cabinet products, Prima relocated the cabinet factory to Foshan City, China, where cabinet raw materials are produced. Relying on the big board supply market in Foshan City, the storage period of Prima cabinets has been greatly shortened. At the same time, new production machines were added to the new factory building to expand the area of the cabinet trial area.

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February 2018 Orlando IBS Exhibition

The annual NAHB Building Material Exhibition was held in Orlando. This time Primabuilder came to Orlando to participate in the building materials exhibition. Many construction contractors and architects from the eastern United States came to the exhibition. Prima Building Material Company and a large number of customers have conducted business exchanges as well as building materials industry knowledge exchanges.

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The company's performance hit a new high in December 2017

With the efforts of Prima employees, Prima Building Material Company has achieved the 1,000 construction projects in the world. It also provides building materials products and design services for 3700 houses. Today, Prima's construction projects have spread all over the world. More and more customers come to choose Prima.

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November 2017 Toronto Building Materials Exhibition

The Toronto Building Material Fair in Canada is the second time that Prima has participated in the Fair in Canada. Suppliers and construction contractors from all over the world participated in the exhibition. During the exhibition, Prima has an in-depth understanding of customer needs. It is believed that the Canadian building materials market will be better and better in the near future.

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Successful site selection of new cabinet factory in November 2017

After experiencing the problem of capacity problems, Prima decided to expand its cabinet factory to increase its capacity. Prima's project team, led by John, visited Foshan, China, to investigate the location of the new plant. Through the preliminary research and field postgraduate entrance examination, the final choice is to establish a new factory in Taoyuan Village, Shishan Town, Foshan City.

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August 2017 Corporate Sector Reform

There are always some problems to be solved when the company department develops to a certain stage. Mr. Li, CEO of the company, authorized John to take charge of the company's departmental reform. The main contents of the reform include the division of responsibilities of each department, the adjustment of department management structure and personnel changes, and the planning of building materials product line of each department.

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In April 2017, the company participated in the Canton Fair

Prima attaches great importance to international exhibitions and opportunities to communicate with customers. Prima's participation in the 121st China Import and Export Commodity Fair has brought in many customers. At the same time, the reputation of Prima Building Materials Company enjoys a good reputation among buyers all over the world. Prima one-stop building materials supply has become the preferred choice for construction contractors.

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April 2017 Hardware Factory Reform

In order to provide good quality building materials products to building materials contractors and architects and house owners. Mr Li personally presides over the reform of the factory system. The production process and quality of building materials and hardware products are tidied up, and strict standards are put forward for the production department. The supply chain is also strictly selected to ensure quality.

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Extension of Hardware Factory Completed in March 2017

The third phase of Prima plant expansion was officially completed in March. Aggie, the chief designer of the Prima construction company, is responsible for the design and improvement of the plan for the expansion of the factory. The factory added new production lines, expanded warehouses and improved air circulation and power supply systems. The expanded Prima will provide higher capacity.

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February 2017 Orlando IBS Exhibition

Join US at the 2017 NAHB International Builder’s show to see the Prima building construction material products and meet the business partners your company needs to grow.

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Independent Division of Company Departments in October 2016

This is a memorable day. Prima separates some departments and gives them more operational authority. In order to make better use of the potential of some building materials products departments, Mr. Li decided to separate some well-structured departments of the company and let department managers manage their business and company development.

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General Manager Election in September 2016

Congratulations on John Meng's promotion to the position of general manager of the company. John's work experience is very legendary. In the past few days, he has rotated in some important positions in the company, and through his own efforts, he has won the recognition of Mr Li and most of his colleagues in the company. Now he has been formally promoted to the position of general manager of the company.

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